Destination weddings create a unique and beautiful photo opportunity, one you are going to want to remember for the rest of your life. When you visit a new exotic place for vacation, bringing along a camera is on the top of most people's to-bring lists, but when you combine vacation with wedding you will want a professional to capture all of your once in a life time precious moments. At many beautiful destinations however, it may be a challenge finding a wedding photographer that meets your wants and needs, especially in third world countries where English is not the first language. If you would like to take a load off your mind and check one more thing off the long list of things to do, please consider me as your destination wedding photographer. Here is a price break-down of a typical destination wedding photography fee. Prices vary depending on destination, flights etc.

$1000-for airline ticket

$160-for food at $40 per day for 4 days

$140-for car rental at $35 per day for 4 days

$320 for hotel at $80 per day for 4 days

$400 for 2 travel days at $200 per day

$150 for extra day prior to the wedding to ensure against being stranded in an airport or delays

$1500 for wedding photography package